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WHAT What is Artivism?

Be part of positive social transformation by raising social and environmental awareness through artist public engagement.


WHY Why engaging the Public with Paint is a good idea?


  • The act of getting messy and play with paint sets an example of how we can break through our fears with spontaneity, trust, commitment, and creativity.

  • It’s Visible! Paint is colorful and marks message in a public space.

  • It’s Inviting! Attracts people to take a peek and possibly get involved.

  • It builds community! Opens a space for people to connect with each other, talk about issues they care about, and sometimes take actions on positive change.


HOW How is it done?

Whether is paint by numbers, stencils, abstract, paint-markers, or figurative, EVERYONE can find their way and leave their mark. And anyone can be a facilitator.

Design your own Public Event: paint your street; hang art on trees; paint your wall; or open a painting station. Endless possibilities.

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