‘Seeking Refuge Is Not A Crime'


This community based-Art Project told  Stories of love, displacement and belonging. The Mural is a documentation of Self Identified LGBT Migrants and Refugees stories and experiences on social discrimination and homophobia.


This Project was a collaboration between The Queer Art Festival, Rainbow Refugee, PeerNet, and 14 LGBT Refugees and Migrants living in Vancouver, to empower and assist Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer and Transgender Refugees in facilitation, storytelling, and anti-oppression political activism.


"Migration is Beautiful"



Open Your Heart,

Open Your Mind"


"Seeking Protection Is Not A Crime"



"God, accept me"

"Stand up for those who are being discriminated"

"Seeking protection is not a crime"

"I wish I can find a place where my heart is accepted"

"Migration is already difficult, don't make it more difficult"

"We are all human beings"

"We are the bridges of hope"

"Be and let me be"

"Open your hearts"