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‘The Belonging Action’


Ten young artists invited eighty other participants to reflect about their connection to belonging while looking back at the histories of migration of peoples and cultures to Coast Salish land since time immemorial. In 2011, this process took 6 months producing a 24’ X 34’ mural installed at Harbour Centre Parkade.


“how to move forward

without looking at the past?”
“who knows the responsibility

of learning their history?”
“who’s lenses do we look at

ourselves through?”

“what are your people’s stories?”
“do you hear them spoken?”
“have you seen them written?”
“do you feel them walking?”
“who decides who is welcome?”
“why is genocide still kept in silence?”
“what are the circumstances

of your birth?”
“why did you move?”
“why the need for power/control?”
“why do you not look at me in the eye?”
“do you feel welcome?”

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