Clown & Play Jams


WHAT What is Clown Play?

Its a practice of playing games and participating in activities designed the get us out of our head & into our bodies by being present in the moment. Be ready to seize the moment creatively & spontaneously through play. Abandon yourself to the impulse!

WHY  engage in Clown Play?

  • Its therapeutic(!) The act of improvised play is a fantastic opportunity to get in touch with our inner-child and express our full range of emotions in a safe manner.

  • It’s a muscle! Our creative confidence will grow in monstrous clownish proportions! You will learn new superpowers to face the world through equanimous fun, benign impulse and endless creativity. 

  • It builds community! Ever seen two gibberish-speaking titans in a rainbow-Go-Skittle pooping death-match face-off? You will bond with one another very very deeply through laughter, and joyful memorable moments.  

  • Its fun! Enjoy with laughter the full loving support of your creative 'siblings' and your community as you re-discover yourself through your creative impulse.

HOW How is it done?

Through creative group facilitation, games and activities are gradually introduced for participants to play and get to know each other while becoming more comfortable with random improvisation and impulse responses. Activities get progressively more fantastic until the group lets go of all control and perceptions of 'self' welcoming the unknown magical depths of our collective creativity. Surrender to the impulse!