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Conscious Dance/Movement:

WHAT What is Conscious Dance/Movement?

Conscious Dance/Movement is a space to move your body free form. Depending on the intentions, sessions may be non-facilitated or facilitated. It follows anti-oppressive guidelines, it is substance-free (no alcohol or drugs), barefoot, and mostly non-verbal. Generally, the music format follows a sound arch or wave, and each gathering lasts 1.5-2hrs.  

WHY Why dance consciously in a group?

  • Feel and Relax! Spontaneous Mindful Movement to music is an excellent expressive gateway to gain awareness and release accumulated physical, mental and emotional tension.

  • Express yourself and Accept yourself! Explore your embodied self-expression by moving your own uniqueness in the dance floor. Dance differently each moment according to how you feel each instant, let go of perfectionism, and accept the moment exactly for what it is. 

  • It builds community! Become part of a community of mindful movers and connect intimately and safely with people through your practice. Your movement practice will open you for creating new connections while giving you new tools and insights for healthier boundaries.

  • It improves health! Vigorous movement through dancing is an accessible way to work on your cardio and flexibility.

HOW How is it done?

We DJ, host a space, facilitate, and create an intentional ambience. A common format: 30 min warm up, an opening circle, 1hr+ of moving, and a closing circle followed up with munchies, mingling and tea. People show up and dance to their heart's content. 


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