About us:

First of all, thank you for checking out this website. We hope something in here inspired you to bring more arts into your life. We (Mel & Ale) are a  committed loving team and we collaborate and co-create pretty much in everything we do from meals together through community interventions to gigantic murals and clown brigades.   

We believe societies and the environment are facing extraordinary challenges while the speed of change is faster than ever. New methods of engaging people, radical collaborating, and courageous processes that uplift the spirit through self-discovery, are some of the ways to contribute to positive change. With this body of work, we aim to challenge and re-discover the narratives of who we are, how we relate to one another, how we belong to the earth, and what is our shared responsibility.


If you want to do your own thing and need some advice on materials or process, please do feel free to contact us and we will our best to answer your questions at no charge. If you are interested in collaborations, feel free to reach out with a solid idea or with a blank mind. Together we can find the best way to make this happen.


Melanie Schambach

Working from abroad.

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