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Arts Facilitation Training

WHAT Arts Facilitation Training 

Training groups or one-on-one / virtual or in-person / artists or community organizers, to be better equipped to lead groups. 

WHY Facilitation Training is important?

  • When you gain more confidence in your own facilitation, you are less worried about yourself and more present with the group -allowing you to be a better listener and more grounded to respond. 

  • Growing your creative toolbox of activities gives you more choice to respond spontaneously to groups' needs. 

  • Discovering your own processes in designing your activities stretches you into your own creativity and innovation. 

  • Understanding and learning how to respond to power dynamics and trauma in a group contributes to creating spaces where people can connect with themselves and each other in ways that are loving and caring. 

  • Sharing skills among fellow facilitators builds capacity in creating stronger communities.       

HOW How does it work?

Depending to the wants and needs of the organization, group or individual, a training program would be designed appropriately. Trainer meets you were you are at; failure is invited as an opportunity for learning; and trainings are highly experiential. 

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