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Online Arts Facilitation

WHAT is Arts facilitation online?

A facilitation process designed to bring creative Arts & StoryTelling activities to online community and organization networks to create virtual murals, storytelling archives, or creative digital productions.

WHYArts facilitation with groups online?

  • Keep creative and connected during quarantines and social isolation.

  • Keep your community groups and organization engaged by having fun, telling stories & creating meaningful art together!

  • Document and process together the essence of a difficult period with a virtual arts process and production.

HOW How does it work?

Through an online platform, we design a process to provide your community group with a series of online virtual hangouts and tutorials, interpersonal support, arts & story telling  activities. Every week your group has to participate in fun storytelling and arts activities which gradually lead to the production of a digital mural production & a multi-media story archive.


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