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‘Socioecologies and Economies of Latin American Migration'

Mixed Media Digital Mural, Summer 2021.

Socioecologies & Economies of Migration is a collective of Latin American-born Canadian researchers, artists, and activists working together to examine Latin American migration to Canada.

They seek to address South-North human mobility through an interdisciplinary research-action method guided by principles of social justice. Using art as a knowledge transfer method, we mobilize the convergent interests in indebtedness, displacement and environmental racism to co-design meaningful research identified by the communities they work with. 

Nuanced understanding of Latin American migration to Canada requires developing new methodological and theoretical lenses rooted in transversality and collaboration.


In August 2021, funded by MSVU/SSHRC*, they hosted their first 4-day summer course for undergraduate and masters' students, activists, scholars, and artists interested in Latin American migrations to Canada, from a social justice perspective. This is the mural they created.

 "We seek to imagine together and co-design research projects and methodologies that will enhance theoretical understanding and real-world responses through academic inquiry and artistic creation focused on the convergences of migration, labour, financialization, and environment," SELAM website. 


To check out The Website CLICK HERE.

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