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‘Art in Hard Times´

Art in Hard Times invited 75 people, 10 art buddies, and 8 organizations to generate a sense of community and decrease isolation through artistic audio/visual recordings which will comprise a massive digital mural.

Feel connected. During this time of social isolation, we have the opportunity to feel our emotions, reflect on our life purpose, and learn better ways of being. But it may be hard to do this alone in full isolation. In the project, participants have many opportunities to connect with other Guelph locals to play, engage in art making, and reflect deeply about these tender times.  

Voice the messages of today for the generations of the future. 

We are living a time when large masses of people are protesting on our streets all over the world demanding justice in the face of racial discrimination and white supremacy.

The pandemic and these movements are interconnected, and many elders are encouraging us to stand up and turn this moment into a gateway for a better future.


The finished mural becomes a virtual megaphone sharing stories to a wider public. 

Check the 'Art In Hard Times' VIRTUAL SITE HERE.


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