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Arts Facilitation Training

Be better equipped to lead groups in more meaningful, responsible, and creative ways! Trainings are for groups or one-on-one / artists or community organizers / virtual or in-person. 

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Online Facilitation

Virtual Arts Facilitation to Create Art in Hard Times! 

In response to the 2020 global pandemic, we moved creative participatory arts to online formats. And it works! Some of our virtual facilitation includes the creation of participatory virtual murals, arts workshops & creative virtual hangouts. 


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Arts Engagement in Conferences

Bring Arts Engagement to your Conferences & Events! 

Make an event that is engaging and interesting. Document the essence of the event with participatory graphics. Uplift creativity, storytelling, and community building.


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Engage the Public in Creative Actions!
Speak out your story and open relevant questions. Engage the masses in positive social transformation. Bring imagination and creativity to the streets.


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Explore movement as a form of self-expression and connection. Facilitated or non-facilitated, it is a space for free-form movement aiming to feel, release and recreate. 

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Customized Expressive Arts Workshops

Lift Up Creativity in your community or organization!
Through rhythm, movement, stories, and paint, we get to be kids again! With laughter and joy, we reconnect with our vulnerable side strengthening that courageous leader living inside.


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Your Story! Raise awareness on a specific social issue through the production of a large painting created in community. 


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