Elders from Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, and Squamish Nations shared their knowledge and stories to younger leaders about human's connection to nature and to other humans while also acknowledging standing on Xwayxway, today known as Stanley Park. From the end of summer and beginning of fall of 2013, this four month process engaged more than one hundred people in painting the 6' X 40' mural. 


Although the participatory process was assigned by SPES (Stanley Park Ecology Society) to be installed at Lost Lagoon's Nature House, SPES rejected the mural because 'it was not ecological enough' and the stories represented may be 'alienating,' inappropriate, and offensive.' Vancouver Parks and Recreation, sponsors of this mural, are in the process of finding a new location for this public art. 


"Our Mother Earth is a living entity,

and she is sick"

TA'AH said


"My mom said: Take care of mother nature, and mother nature will take care of you" (Jeri)

"When I came from the tarsands and I heard a bird in the tree, I said: Thank You creators, Thank You for the little birds" (ta'ah)

"When the body is removed and it returns where it belongs: the wind blows" (Cease). "Our remains are sacred to us" (Audrey).

"Feed you spirit! People need to be in touch with their spirit" (ta'ah)

"Mother earth is not for sale, would you sell your mother?" (ta'ah)

"The red voice is finally speaking out. We say: We are the people, We need to protect the earth" (ta'ah)

"We have to recognize both bountries were built on our blood" (ta'ah)

"It would have been nice to live here back then" (Jeri)

"The European system never worked, it doesnt work now, and it will never work" (ta'ah).