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WHAT What is a StoryPainting?

A specific community, organization, institution, or a collaboration across sectors, raise awareness on a social issue through the collective production of a large painting working on different participatory formats.


WHY are StoryPaintings powerful?

  • Builds and Strengthens ties between people, groups and sectors!

  • Honors and celebrates the efforts in justice and social harmony!

  • Witnesses and voices the stories that are often miss-heard or miss-represented.

  • Cultivates compassion, courage, hope and positivity!


HOW How is it done?

In the process, group of people gather and connect with each other through dance, movement, improvisation, dialogue and visual art. After witnessing and sharing on issues they care about, they work collectively and create a large painting representing individual stories and a collective message. These paintings, along with short films documenting the process, become mobile murals, and are taken to public spaces to engage a larger audience in consciousness and inspiration. 

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