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Expressive Arts Workshops: 

WHAT What is Expressive Arts Workshops?

Expressive Arts Workshops invites a group of people to connect with one another and explore specific subjects through creative processes. For example, making a rhythm as a group can give insight about cohesion and team building, a collective drawing can be a vision board to achieve dreams, or a storytelling game becomes a intimate space to deepen relationships. 

WHY Why Expressive Arts?

  • It connects the mind with the heart. Expressive Arts invites the emotional side of the brain and allows us to feel a range of emotions. 

  • Enables a sense of belonging. When we let the guard down and allow ourselves to express freely, we are saying YES to who we really are; and this can contribute to creating a sense that we belong.

  • Creates Empathy! When we witness the stories of others through poetry, song, or a drawing, we have the opportunity to feel and see through their perspective.

  • Contributes to social change! Through creativity we exercise the muscle of dreaming and believing that change is possible -in our inner world, outside relationships, and in the way we relate to the earth. 

HOW How is it done?

We design workshops according to the intention (i.e. Letting Go of Perfectionism; From Longing to Belonging; Getting Creative). Workshops can be 90 minutes or full days; experience can be a single event or a series of events. You may want to add expressive arts to an existing event, or you may want to collaborate with  us to plan your event from scratch. 


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