‘Tar Sands: Time Is Running Out’


Sixty people, from kids to elders, came to learn and share knowledge on the project of the tar sands in northern Alberta through the creation this large mobile mural documenting the reflections and insights. The painting process, co-facilitated with Sara Kendall, took only one month, and the paitning has been touring around since Summer 2010. This mobile mural is available for anyone to use at any event.


“Why dont the kids know?

that 2-headed fish grow;

animals living on death row;

cause the truth is kept on downlow.”



"This is the most destructive project

in human history."




"Do You Want T Know About Canada’s Dirtiest Secret?"

...the fish swimming up stream? Communities who traditionally rely on the Athabasca and other rivers are now advised to not use the water at all. New proposals on escalating production violate the national and human rights of many indigenous nations.

...the 700 ft deep gash in the earth (hint: the trucks and barrels are set to real-life scale) The tar sands project makes 5 times more green house gases than conventional oil mining (more than what all cars in Canada produce), yet they are advertised as the new ‘green’ energy source.

...the person drinking oil Some Indigenous communities in the tar sands area still don’t have access to running water. ...the Canadian parliament The conservative government has given 100% approval rating to every company that applied to extract oil from the tar sands. The toxic tailing ponds are visible from outer space.

"The most destructive project in human history" much land the tar sands span in Alberta? An area bigger than the state of Florida, the tar sand bitumen sits on 150,000 sq km.

"Time is Running Out"

...the sources of economically viable and renewable energy that are shown in the painting 2-4 tons of earth to produce 1 barrell of oil, 6 barrels of toxic fluid are produced for every 1 barrel of oil, 4 barrels of clean water are polluted for 1 barrel of oil. Wind and solar power are growing industries that can be widespread energy sources for the future.

...“ocean, land, light, spirit breath, i invoke your journey to guide the awakening dream of those who would harm you. all life shall join the struggle.”