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"One Body"

5:12 min. Video, Alejandro Zuluaga; Singing, Greg M. In response to One Body. 2017.

"Our Painted Responsibilities"


3:45 min. Video, Farzine McRae; Photography, Alejandro Zuluaga; Singing, Adrian LaChance. In response to Our Painted Responsibilities. 2015.

"The Belonging Action"


7:47 min. Alejandro Zuluaga created this film as his interpretation of The Belonging Action Project. 2012

Music by M'Girl.

"SI A LA VIDA (yes to life)"


12:54 min. 2010.

Music and lyrics by Pedro Pablo Escobar Gil

"Out of Our Minds"


12:54 min. 2010.

Music and lyrics by Allan Daniels and Danny Daniels

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